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Now that Halloween is over……(11/1/08 article spotlight)

Posted by Mr Dave AC on November 1, 2008

Halloween is over. We can put our costumes away now and watch some college football. Thanksgiving is still 26 days away and after that its holiday season full-tilt. So why not take a break from the holidays. Today, I will focus the article spotlight on some non-holiday articles you may find interesting.

Are you trying to unload a house? To diversify my conent, I did some research and came up with the ten ways to sell a house in a buyer’s market. Read Article!

We all need extra cash for the holidays. I wrote an article about the five ways I was able to save or earn extra money this year. These ideas may or may not work for you, but it’s worth reading. Read Article!

There is still some gardening that needs to be done. I wrote an article on the ten garden projects for November. Read article for some great gardening suggestions!

Make removable thermal leg warmers from old thermals or even old sweats. Read article on how to do this project!

Make a wooden snowman! In my article, I have detailed instructions on how this can be done. Read article!

And if you are a runescape player and a RuneScape member, do you want to raise your runescape smithing level without breaking the runescape bank? The latest f my runescape articles details how you can make runescape gold while leveling up in your smithing skill in runescape while being able to devote 50-80% of your time to non-Runescape online activities! Read article!

To read my other articles, just click on the orange hyperlink “mr dave” between the title and the text. That will take you to my AC Page. Scroll down for a list of my articles.

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