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Now that Halloween is over……(11/1/08 article spotlight)

Posted by Mr Dave AC on November 1, 2008

Halloween is over. We can put our costumes away now and watch some college football. Thanksgiving is still 26 days away and after that its holiday season full-tilt. So why not take a break from the holidays. Today, I will focus the article spotlight on some non-holiday articles you may find interesting.

Are you trying to unload a house? To diversify my conent, I did some research and came up with the ten ways to sell a house in a buyer’s market. Read Article!

We all need extra cash for the holidays. I wrote an article about the five ways I was able to save or earn extra money this year. These ideas may or may not work for you, but it’s worth reading. Read Article!

There is still some gardening that needs to be done. I wrote an article on the ten garden projects for November. Read article for some great gardening suggestions!

Make removable thermal leg warmers from old thermals or even old sweats. Read article on how to do this project!

Make a wooden snowman! In my article, I have detailed instructions on how this can be done. Read article!

And if you are a runescape player and a RuneScape member, do you want to raise your runescape smithing level without breaking the runescape bank? The latest f my runescape articles details how you can make runescape gold while leveling up in your smithing skill in runescape while being able to devote 50-80% of your time to non-Runescape online activities! Read article!

To read my other articles, just click on the orange hyperlink “mr dave” between the title and the text. That will take you to my AC Page. Scroll down for a list of my articles.

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Spotlight: Michelle L Devon (Michy) Associated Content Blog

Posted by Mr Dave AC on October 26, 2008

Michelle L Devon (Michy) is an accomplished writer on Associated Content. Her articles average 3000 page views per article, which is very good, and she has ben awarded several awards by Associated Content. I visited her blog and found it very insightful. To visit Michy’s blog, go to

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Associated Content is a valuable resource!

Posted by Mr Dave AC on October 22, 2008

It has been eleven months since I found a website, associated content while doing a job search. I learned that associated content was a database of web content written by a diverse group of content producers. Associated Content pays its content producers a small amount of money for each content submission and also pays Content Producers a performance payment of $1.50 for every thousand page views they gather.  I have been a user of Associated Content fr eleven months and a content producer for the last five months. In this blog entry, I will focus on why Associated Content is a great resource.

Associated Content, like I said, is a database of content written by a wide range of conent producers. There are currently over a million articles submitted by up to three hundred thousand content producers. Say you want to research a random question. Lets say, Frost Hardy Fall Flowers. Real random. Associated Content’s advanced search using all of those four words turns up 69 answers. The articles turned up are informative and diverse; and probably at least ten articles will answer one or more of the questions you had on Frost Hardy Fall Flowers. You may also stumble upon an articl that is interesting and learn something. Each Content roducer offers a slightly different view on the topic and from reading different articles, you get a rounded view of the subject. Sometimes, one article will do a stellar job of answering questions. Last Sunday, I did a search n questions to ask before buying a condo. Associated Content Content Producer Don Levy, a retired mortgage broker who just started writing for Associated Content, wrote a very informative article on buying a condo. I found the article very thorough and informative. So if you have a question, rather than google it, AC it. You help aspiring writers establish themselves and support a truly awesome website. AC has a search tab on every page f the site, so searching couldn’t be easier.

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Hot new articles off the press for the week ending October 18th 2008.

Posted by Mr Dave AC on October 17, 2008

Need to fake a wound to get out of class? Nah, not for that reason, but for your halloween costumes! Read my latest article featuring seven excellent youtube and metacafe videos on making a fake wound for your halloween costumes.

Grab some clothes and make halloween costumes of rock stars, pop stars, country stars, or rap stars. Here is what you need for your musician halloween costumes.

It is getting colder and its time to restock your thermals. Don’t throw out your old thermals. Make removable leg warmers from them. Removal thermal leg warmers make surviving an outdoor job a lot easier.

Carve a wooden snowman from a block of wood! These make great Christmas gifts as well!

Dress up as a saint for halloween!  Detailed instructions on how to construct halloween costumes of saints for halloween.

And last but not least, that too-big white T-shirt can become a free halloween costume for your kid. Includes four great halloween costume ideas.

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Mr Dave RuneScape Web Log changes direction:

Posted by Mr Dave AC on October 3, 2008

Browsing Associated Content I ran across the profile of Associated Content content producer RS who has 7.8 million page views. My curiosity got the better of me and so I decided to track the weekly page views of ten random CP’s to see where I measured up. My content is producing OK results but 23 pieces of content cannot really do much even with stellar results. After the week, I realised that the leading content producer on Associated Content gets 120,000 page views per week! (with 4k articles) I realise that RuneScape is a waste of time. My runescape articles are averaging 1.79 page views per article per day, while my other articles average 2.32 PVPAPD. Of the eight RuneScape articles, there are five duds, two average producers, and one ace. Of the fifteen other articles, I have eight duds, three average, and four aces, a better average. I set up the blog to share my runescape knowledge but the trouble with RuneScape is that it ends up taking a lot of time to play. Whoever designed the game was a genius. It is easy to get established and by the time the levels get trickier, the player is addicted. I smithed for a straight month and only leveled from 68 to 75. Of course, I try to balance computer time with a full time job and writing articles for associated content. The new direction of this blog will be all aspects except plants, which will be dealt with in MrDaveGardener’s blog; my plant blog. Currently, my main focus will be my presence on Associated Content. I use Associated Content to share my knowledge from my experience to the internet world and rather than waste my time repeating it here, go to Thanks for stopping by.

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