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From Associated Content to RuneScape and the weather outside, there’s always something to see.

About Mr Dave AC

Mr Dave is a freelance content writer for Associated Content, works in a garden center, and grows perennials in his free time. Things Mr Dave has done include:

Having lunch with a hollywood writer.

Cleaning the raspberry patch at the huge estate of a retired writer for a major US newspaper.

Winning a halloween costume contest at a rock concert for dressing up as the superhero version of the band’s lead singer.

Laying out the annuals according to the design plan at the state capitol.

Hitting a selected target (a tree stump) with a rock from 70 feet away, in the exact spot and in the exact manner in which predicted.

Performing at a rock concert, with the band. (Not really, just one of those crowd guys who gets invited up to “volunteer” doing hand motions for a song the band is singing.)

Getting treated to lunch by the owner of a prestigious hotel for lunch not just once, but five times.

Getting the cooking cape in RuneScape.

Getting 1,500 total levels in RuneScape.

Getting 2,000 total levels in RuneScape.

Getting accepted as a writer for

Getting over 1.5m views in my first full year there.

To learn more about me, check out to view my other blog, or better yet, You will learn a lot more on this link just by reading what I have written.

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