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Awesome new freelance writing opportunity.

Posted by Mr Dave AC on October 19, 2009

I have found a new website, Bukisa, that pays $3.45 per thousand article views. Articles must be informative or educational in nature; how-to guides are perfect. You get payed for your content’s direct views, and for every person you sign up, you get a bonus of one quarter what they make. The people that they sign up earn you a bonus of 6% of what they make. You make 1% bonus of what the third tier of writers make.

Bukisa accepts articles you have previously published elsewhere as long as you hold rights to the content. (E.G. non-exclusive or display-only articles.) Although Bukisa has its share of glitches, Bukisa is still an awesome place to earn additional income from your writing.

My Bukisa link is By joining under my link you receive some extra benefits I offer.

I have a vested interest in you succeeding. Once you join under me, add me as a friend. That way you can have my name pop up as people you can select to send a message to. I try to check my box several times a week to keep up. If you have any questions or concerns, I will gladly help you out.

I give all articles a view and a best rating. If I don’t comment, I still will view the article and rate it.

And once you do get a feel for Bukisa, start getting your links out for more residual income.

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