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Interesting in working snowplowing this winter? My experience.

Posted by Mr Dave AC on November 20, 2008

I did snowplowing last year for work. I learned a lot about work in snowplowing and snow shoveling, and wrote an article on the pros and cons of working in snowplowing and snow shoveling.

Is Snowplowing the Right Job for You? The Pros and Cons of Working in Snow Removal

Rating: 3.0 of 5 Are you thinking of snowplowing or shoveling snow for work this winter? Or have you ever wondered what it is like for those who work in snow removal? Here is a brief look at what working in snow removal is like. This article also examines the pros and cons of snow removal work….READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

One Response to “Interesting in working snowplowing this winter? My experience.”

  1. man I hate snow, got hit with about 10 inches over the weekend. I am glad I got a brand new snow blowers to knock that snow around though. I don’t think my back would take it, and doubt my wife would help…

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