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RuneScape members; make a lot of money powerleveling your smithing

Posted by Mr Dave AC on November 6, 2008

During my two months of RuneScape membership, I went from level 62 to level 75 while being able to devote half of my computer time to non-runescape activities such as writing for Associated Content. I summerised my knowledge of profitable smithing in the following article.

RuneScape: The Secrets to Making Gold While Training Smithing

Advantages of Membership While Smithing

By Mr. Dave, published Oct 23, 2008 Published Content: 38  Total Views: 10,893  Favorited By: 9 CPs

Earning RuneScape gold while leveling up in your smithing skill becomes a lot easier when you are a RuneScape member. Here is a look at the smithing experience potential and the potential for profit for each type of RuneScape ore. For starters, it is wise to do the Knight’s Sword Quest for its smithing experience reward. It will allow you to start by smithing Iron and put you half a level away from steel. It will also put you above the required skill level for making most Iron items, allowing you to be able to smith the bars to level up as well. Bronze can be used to make RuneScape gold, but it is not advisable because Iron takes the same amount of time to work with but gives twice…Read Entire Article


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