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Last Minute Halloween Costumes ideas!

Posted by Mr Dave AC on October 30, 2008

Halloween is literally upon us. Are you the procrastinating type who needs to put together a last minute halloween costume? I revisit my Halloween Costume article spotlight with a more specific spotlight; last minute halloween costume spotlight.

Dressing up as a musician: Musician costumes can easilly be assembled with materials from around the house. These materials are free, and you end up possibly having only to buy a few accessories if at all, for a cheap last-minute halloween costume. In my article on musician halloween costumes, I detail eight different costumes. Take each idea at face value and then decide what costume will work best based on the materials at hand. Read Article!

Need to make fake wounds? Youtube as you covered! I compiled a list of great videos on making fake wounds.

Do you have costume materials on hand and want to slap together a saint costume? In my article, I describe ten saint costumes. Take inventory f what you have on hand around the house; bathrobes, accessories, etc. You may be able to put together a free last minute halloween costume! Read Article!

And last but not least, if your kid needs a quick costume, find a large white t-shirt nd accessorise it to make a cheap halloween costume. In my article, I describe three halloween costume ideas. Read article!

Happy halloween!!!

Mr Dave

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  3. Wow. I hadn’t thought of a musician costume! Thanks!

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