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Associated Content is a valuable resource!

Posted by Mr Dave AC on October 22, 2008

It has been eleven months since I found a website, associated content while doing a job search. I learned that associated content was a database of web content written by a diverse group of content producers. Associated Content pays its content producers a small amount of money for each content submission and also pays Content Producers a performance payment of $1.50 for every thousand page views they gather.  I have been a user of Associated Content fr eleven months and a content producer for the last five months. In this blog entry, I will focus on why Associated Content is a great resource.

Associated Content, like I said, is a database of content written by a wide range of conent producers. There are currently over a million articles submitted by up to three hundred thousand content producers. Say you want to research a random question. Lets say, Frost Hardy Fall Flowers. Real random. Associated Content’s advanced search using all of those four words turns up 69 answers. The articles turned up are informative and diverse; and probably at least ten articles will answer one or more of the questions you had on Frost Hardy Fall Flowers. You may also stumble upon an articl that is interesting and learn something. Each Content roducer offers a slightly different view on the topic and from reading different articles, you get a rounded view of the subject. Sometimes, one article will do a stellar job of answering questions. Last Sunday, I did a search n questions to ask before buying a condo. Associated Content Content Producer Don Levy, a retired mortgage broker who just started writing for Associated Content, wrote a very informative article on buying a condo. I found the article very thorough and informative. So if you have a question, rather than google it, AC it. You help aspiring writers establish themselves and support a truly awesome website. AC has a search tab on every page f the site, so searching couldn’t be easier.

4 Responses to “Associated Content is a valuable resource!”

  1. ulla said

    hit me up there too guys: Ulla Kelly

    i’ll add you back and click like a wild thing 🙂

  2. mrdave96 said

    Laura, thanks for linking me to the AC blog! I visit the AC blog regularly and like it. I also shattered my record for page views on AC this week. Edie, I am very glad you are enjoying AC. There is a lot to learn; I have had to follow that same learning curve myself. Feel free to post the link to your AC page so I can check it out
    Mr Dave

  3. I started writing for AC this past summer and have learned a great deal from the experience. There are some great and supportive people who welcomed me to the site. I am a fairly new writer and have found great tutorials and support. Glad you agree.

  4. Laura said

    Thanks Mr. Dave. I’ve linked to you from the AC Blog now so I can follow your further explorations of all things AC.

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