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Posted by Mr Dave AC on October 17, 2008

Need to fake a wound to get out of class? Nah, not for that reason, but for your halloween costumes! Read my latest article featuring seven excellent youtube and metacafe videos on making a fake wound for your halloween costumes.

Grab some clothes and make halloween costumes of rock stars, pop stars, country stars, or rap stars. Here is what you need for your musician halloween costumes.

It is getting colder and its time to restock your thermals. Don’t throw out your old thermals. Make removable leg warmers from them. Removal thermal leg warmers make surviving an outdoor job a lot easier.

Carve a wooden snowman from a block of wood! These make great Christmas gifts as well!

Dress up as a saint for halloween!  Detailed instructions on how to construct halloween costumes of saints for halloween.

And last but not least, that too-big white T-shirt can become a free halloween costume for your kid. Includes four great halloween costume ideas.

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