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Mr Dave RuneScape Web Log changes direction:

Posted by Mr Dave AC on October 3, 2008

Browsing Associated Content I ran across the profile of Associated Content content producer RS who has 7.8 million page views. My curiosity got the better of me and so I decided to track the weekly page views of ten random CP’s to see where I measured up. My content is producing OK results but 23 pieces of content cannot really do much even with stellar results. After the week, I realised that the leading content producer on Associated Content gets 120,000 page views per week! (with 4k articles) I realise that RuneScape is a waste of time. My runescape articles are averaging 1.79 page views per article per day, while my other articles average 2.32 PVPAPD. Of the eight RuneScape articles, there are five duds, two average producers, and one ace. Of the fifteen other articles, I have eight duds, three average, and four aces, a better average. I set up the blog to share my runescape knowledge but the trouble with RuneScape is that it ends up taking a lot of time to play. Whoever designed the game was a genius. It is easy to get established and by the time the levels get trickier, the player is addicted. I smithed for a straight month and only leveled from 68 to 75. Of course, I try to balance computer time with a full time job and writing articles for associated content. The new direction of this blog will be all aspects except plants, which will be dealt with in MrDaveGardener’s blog; my plant blog. Currently, my main focus will be my presence on Associated Content. I use Associated Content to share my knowledge from my experience to the internet world and rather than waste my time repeating it here, go to Thanks for stopping by.


3 Responses to “Mr Dave RuneScape Web Log changes direction:”

  1. I played runescape for two years, if only my boss knew how much time at work i spent playing that game ;|

  2. mrdave96 said

    Hi Laura, thanks for stopping by! Actually, right now, I am in the process of revitalising this blog, but I will definately be checking out the AC blog more in the future.
    Mr Dave

  3. Laura said

    Hi Dave, I’m Laura, I work @ AC and maintain the official blog. You probably already know that articles on the game get a fair amt of traffic, so it might be a good way to combine your interest in RuneScape with your desire to up your content’s performance on AC! Of course, the more your produce and publish the more page views you’ll have. Good luck with your efforts. Let me know how it goes!

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