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Jagex to reintroduce PKing in new PvP worlds!

Posted by Mr Dave AC on August 30, 2008

When RuneScape did away with the Wilderness and player killing (Pking) there was a large outcry among the players of RuneScape about the changes. A lot of players left the game and people began to say that RuneScape was dying. Jagex rushed the summoning skill to try to quell the exodus, but the requests for PvP (player vs player) kept coming, and now Jagex is doing something to satisfy these PvP requests; introducing new PvP worlds in which players can attack each other.
     To read the entire article, this link will take you to it.

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Birds nests

Posted by Mr Dave AC on August 28, 2008

If a birds nest falls from the tree you are chopping, keep it! After you search it, use it with a pestle and mortar and the crushed nest is worth 3.4k!

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RuneScape cheats:

Posted by Mr Dave AC on August 21, 2008

There are RuneScape cheats or rather, runescape shortcuts, that Jagex has put in the game for all players to take advantage of.

Beneath the house northeast of lumbridge castle you can find Sir Vant there. He will give you two lamps that give you 250 points XP each to whatever two skills you chose. Technically not a RuneScape cheat but as good as one without the risk.

Sheep shearer quest gives you 60gp plus 150 XP in crafting—great for using to bypass making pots in levels 1-6. Not an illegal runescape cheat, but a great shortcut.

Doric’s quest gives 180gp plus 1,300 mining experience; good enough to reach level 11 or 12 mining without having to mine unneccessary tin and copper that you will not need to smith. A great legal runescape cheat to get the mining up.

Knight’s sword quest gives 12,500 smithing experience! It is a more involving quest, but at you can find my easy-to follow guide on how to do he quest. However if you are the one who likes the thrill of solving the quest yourself, then the article will be a spoiler. This quest is one of the most powerful legal RuneScape cheats because it jumps you to level 29 smithing.

If you have money, you can get paid to smith, which acts ike a runescape cheat in and of itself.  At I tell how it works. The best way to reach level 30 is to raise some easy money and buy Iron bars. Look at your stats and see what amount of experience you need to each level 30, then divide that number by 25 and round up. That’s how many Iron bars you will need to smith to reach level 30 and smelt steel. Go to to learn how a beginner can utilise runescape cheats in the game to make some quick gold. I like to uncover legal runescape cheats and these are only some of the runescape cheats i have found. Stay tuned for more runescape cheats.

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