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Ring of forging

Posted by Mr Dave AC on July 23, 2008

Now i’m a member, I can procure iron bars for 107gp each by buying as ores because I can get a 100% success rate on smithing. Here’s how.

Buy 140 Iron ores-14,000 gp. Buy 1 ring of forging. 1,000gp. That’s 140 Iron bars for 15,000gp, or 107gp per bar.

A ring of forging allows you to smelt 140 iron ores with a 100% success ratio before it melts. Basically, that’s 5 loads of 28 ore each. It is useful to do 5 loads of 28 cause then every fifth trip you need to replace the ring. Click on the armor tab and right click on the ring. Select Operate and it will tell you how many more iron you can smelt.

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