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4,825 points of free attack XP—I jumped from lvl 20 to lvl 26

Posted by Mr Dave AC on June 26, 2008

The quest Vampire Slayer awards 4,825 points of attack XP. All you really have to do is talk to a few characters and then kill a level 34 vampire. If I had thought of this before, I would have not bothered training attack, strength and defense. I would get my range up to about 35 or so and then load up on food and do the quest. The 4,875 points would put me at level 20 attack. Then I would buy (or make, depending on my smithing XP) a mith skimmy and train strength and defense on cows.

I wonder if someone who was a pure in either ranged or mage did dragon slayer with a strength and defense XP of level one. They would jump to maybe about level 33 or 34 in both. Imagine having a level 20 attack, 33 strength, and 33 defense without evening swinging a weapon outside of a bow or mage.

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