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A post for JJ:

Posted by Mr Dave AC on June 14, 2008

Mr Dave AC welcomes JJ to share his RuneScape knowledge in this thread!

3 Responses to “A post for JJ:”

  1. mrdave96 said

    I agree, but don’t forget to bury the bones for prayer experience. Bring logs and a tinderbox and cook the raw chicken for the quick cooking experience. Or better yet, stash potatoes, bones, raw chicken, raw beef, cowhides, and eggs and sell them all at the great exchange. Each item fetches between 70 and 120 gp each and by diversifying what you are selling, you get a better chance of successfully selling items on the great exchange. Although feathers are really good in that they pile up and you can carry a ton of them but they don’t always sell on the grand exchange. So feathers are hit and miss, I had them sell instantly one day, then sit there for a week before selling.

  2. jj said

    at the moment i can’t think of anything else but pm stretch851 or jball851 and i might think of a idea.

  3. jj said

    First before you do any combat on tutorial island choose what kind of person you want to be.If you choose to be a warrior train att,def,and str to lvl 3 on the island.Rangers will train to lvl 3 range and Mages train to lvl 3magic.The reason you should do this is you get free exp if you ask for arrows and drop them again.Same thing with runes.warriors benifit because they can’t die!After you finish tutorial island go kill chickens till lvl 10 in range,mage,or att,str,def.pick up the feathers and sell in the grand exchange.Use this money to buy runes,arrows,or weapons and armour.Head back to lumbridge and travel north of the windmill to find a cow pasture.If your a warrior go ahead and kill cows and deposit the cowhides in the deposit box.If your a ranger or a mage close the gate and range or mage the cows.Pick up the bones,meat,and cowhide.Do this until you hit 20 att,str,def,range,mage. If you run out of arrows/runes go to the grand exchange and sell your meat,bones and cowhides.Use this money to buy arrows/runes.

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