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4,825 points of free attack XP—I jumped from lvl 20 to lvl 26

Posted by Mr Dave AC on June 26, 2008

The quest Vampire Slayer awards 4,825 points of attack XP. All you really have to do is talk to a few characters and then kill a level 34 vampire. If I had thought of this before, I would have not bothered training attack, strength and defense. I would get my range up to about 35 or so and then load up on food and do the quest. The 4,875 points would put me at level 20 attack. Then I would buy (or make, depending on my smithing XP) a mith skimmy and train strength and defense on cows.

I wonder if someone who was a pure in either ranged or mage did dragon slayer with a strength and defense XP of level one. They would jump to maybe about level 33 or 34 in both. Imagine having a level 20 attack, 33 strength, and 33 defense without evening swinging a weapon outside of a bow or mage.

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Metal deflation

Posted by Mr Dave AC on June 20, 2008

Prices of metal crested a few days ago and are on a steady decline now.

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RuneScape Articles are published!!

Posted by Mr Dave AC on June 16, 2008

Excellent news! My four articles on RuneScape have been published on Associated Content!

Article #1, Tutorial Island. Learn how to maximise your stay on the island.

Article #2, Making money in RuneScape with no experience. Fund a fast start in the game!

Article #3, The Knight’s Sword Quest. Start out with level 29 smithing, NOT at level one!

And Article #4, get paid to smith. Gain smithing XP and gp at the same time.

Everything that I blogged about and learned as I went is refined and clearly laid out in the articles. I hope you enjoy reading them!


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A post for JJ:

Posted by Mr Dave AC on June 14, 2008

Mr Dave AC welcomes JJ to share his RuneScape knowledge in this thread!

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Metal Inflation

Posted by Mr Dave AC on June 13, 2008

June 13th, 2008: Buying metal and ores this week has become increasingly more difficult. Iron Ore has rose from 95gp to 105gp. Iron Bars have jumped from 227gp to 253 gp. Coal has jumped from 186gp to 213 gp. Steel bars have jumped from 612gp to 752gp. Mith ores have increased in value, but today actually fell a gp to 196 gp. Abar of mithril is valued at 1,233gp, up from 1,060 gp. The other money making commodities have not risen in value.

     To revisit my earlier calculations about smithing for a profit, they stand at:

Iron ore to Iron Bars (Assuming 50% success:) 43gp per bar, 120% return on initial investment.

Iron ore and coal to steel: 221gp per bar, 141% return on investment.

Mithril and coal to Mith bar: 185gp per bar, 118% return on investment.

Steel seems to be the most lucrative way to currently pump the money, but the manufacturing of Iron Bars is essential. Because the idea is to buy the Iron for the best smithing XP, the price of Iron will skyrocket if not enough Iron is sold to meet demand. But what’s the point of selling the Iron to buy it all over again? May as well smith it. Then how am I going to finance my character? May as well sell the steel and buy the iron or just put up with the length of time it takes to smelt the Iron. Or get my mage to 43, and pay 300gp for the runes per Iron ore to save 105 gp worth of Iron. That’s paying 195gp for 53 points of magic XP.

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The value of killing an imp

Posted by Mr Dave AC on June 10, 2008

A recent discovery was when I killed an imp the other day and it dropped a white bead, I remembered how beads are in great demand for one of the quests, Imp Catcher. When I went to the Grand Exchange, I sold it for 1k and it sold quick. So now when I see an imp, I attack it. Imps drop dough sometimes, also. So there is potential in killing imps.

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New RuneScape Articles coming!

Posted by Mr Dave AC on June 7, 2008

     Yesterday I wrote four articles summarising my RuneScape adventure, pretty much summarizing up what I have been blogging on. It is a four part series. Part One talks about Tutorial Island and how to maximize your time there. Part Two deals with how to raise some money in RuneScape as a newbie. Part Three details the Knight’s Sword Quest and how to do it efficiently, and part four details the secrets of getting paid to smith.

     Check out to view my Associated Content profile and list of published works to check if they have arrived. I will let you know when the RuneScape articles get published.

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My article on RuneScape is published!

Posted by Mr Dave AC on June 5, 2008

My article summarising the skills and purpose of RuneScape gameplay is published on Associated Content! Check it out at

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Posted by Mr Dave AC on June 5, 2008

6/4/08. Continued efforts in smithing steel, gathering and selling commodity, and buying iron have revealed a steady rise in the prices of those commodities. If you have extra gp, invest it or it may lose its spending power.

I have been harvesting cows below Gnome Villiage. The meat fetches 76gp if raw, the bones 91gp, and the hides 118gp. Thats almost 300gp per cow plus combat experience.

Some RuneScape players can be really annoying. I was picking potatoes on my way to Varrock when a level 8 player walks up to me saying “1k” repeatedly. He wanted me to give him money. I told him to go and he didn’t. Finally, I got so sick of him that the only way o get rid of him was to have him follow me—to the wizard’s labyrinth. The Dark Wizards laid runes upon him and he ran off one way, m the other. Good riddance.

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