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Gnome secrets

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 29, 2008

5/28/2008: I located a potato patch in Lumbridge west of the castle, and began to pick and store the potatoes in the Draynor Village bank. After picking a hundred or so, I decided  had enough to fund a basic ore purchase and cut up from the potato patch straight up, hoping to hit Barbarian Village and Varrock. I ran right into the Gnomes. They have a pasture not too many people know about, with not a lot, but some cows. What makes it special is if you exit the pasture upwards through the gnome arch, you can use the deposit boxes there to bank your raw meat and cowhides!! While I was there,  checked out the Gnome store, just for kicks. The Gnomes were selling an unlimited amount of buckets of water for only 9gp each!! What s important about this is I have just found an easy way to procure buckets of water for making soft clay. And the shop s right next to the bank deposit boxes so all I have to do is make sure I withdraw a lot of gp and then buy the buckets of water. No hassles of having to fill them at a fountain and all that. Then when I am at a bank, I withdraw 14 clay and 14 buckets of water and make soft clay. Soft clay sells for 170gp, clay for only 100gp. This trick is not well-known yet, so there’s still good demand for soft clay, as not too many people are cashing in on this as of yet. So I go to the Grand Exchange, buy clay for 100gp each, wet it, and sell the clay for 170gp each. There also turns out to be a big demand for buckets. I can usually sell the empty buckets for 8gp each. So I lose 1 gp per bucket. 69gp profit, out of thin air!


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