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Getting paid to smith, can you believe it!

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 29, 2008

5/29/08: At the grand exchange, I did my homework. Iron ore, 94gp. Coal, 186gp. Cost to buy materials for steel bar: 466gp. Resale price of steel bar: 606gp. Profit: 140gp and 17.5 points Smithing XP. Cool, eh? And that money can be used to buy smithing XP.

     I start out by buying the material. Coal costs roughly 2x the price of Iron (if you mine the iron, disregard this equation.) So therefore, 20% (one fifth) of the gp buys Iron and the rest buys Coal. After you have bought the ores, withdraw 10gp and teleport to Lumbridge with the home teleport. Go to the gate and pay the toll to get through to Al Kharad. Head south until you reach the furnace and bank. There, smelt all the ores, craft any silver, and tan all hides. Leather, hard leather, it doesn’t really matter. Hides sell for 110gp, leather 165gp on grand exchange. However, I don’t know how lucrative this trick is. I had to sell the leather at the lowest price to move it. Perhaps others have caught onto this trick. When finished in Al Kharad, skip over the tollgate via the teleport, and proceed to Varrock, gathering any hides or eggs you find or harvest along the way. Then its time to cash in and do it again.

P.S. If you teleport without unloading your pack, head to the third floor of the lumbridge palace and there’s a bank up there.


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