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Life continues for a woodcutter

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 22, 2008

5/22/2008: Due to recent rainy evenings, I have had time to continue developing my skill as a woodcutter.  Using wood and oak to reach level 31, I raised 10K gp, and bought an adamant ax. After cutting willow for a bit, I switched back to Oak after realising that there was little demand for willow but a ton of demand for logs and oak logs. Apparently, people cut and burn logs, then cut and burn oak, then get to willow and either burn it or sell it. It takes roughly 100 logs to reach level 15, then about 300 oak to get to level 30. From there, as a nonmember, to reach level 60 and Yew, you need to cut about 3,800 willow logs.  I think that explains why cheap wood goes for more and sells more. Logs fetch between 22 and 26 GP at the great exchange. With Oak, you can get between 24 and 28GP each. Yet Willow only gets 18-19GP per log. So although Oak only gives 37.5 points of experience compared to Willow’s 67.5 points, there’s way more money in Oak.


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