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Starting a career–and using the grand exchange

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 20, 2008

May 19th, 2008: When I did the woodcutting, I saved all the logs in my bank account. Today I decided to sell them on the grand exchange. Turns out there’s a strong demand for oak and an even stronger demand for plain wood. I was able to raise 10K in about an hour just from chopping wood. And I also got my level up to 31 in Draynor Village cutting down the oaks near the bank, and depositing the logs. Surprisingly, Oak is going for more than Willow, which is harder to cut than oak. Kinda odd, but I guess I will cut plain wood and oak. Even though the XP will come slower, the cash will come faster. I was surprised that bones were going for 90 gp each; they give only 4 points prayer XP each, so thats 22.5gp per point of XP. However, I need prayer XP so selling bones is dumb. Iron Bars cost 216gp ea, and they give 25 points of XP so that is a little bit under 10GP per point. Runes get 10gp each so if you see them on the ground, there’s a bit of free gp. Unless you need them to build up magic XP.  XP that can be bought includes prayer Bones,) smithing (Ores/bars,) firemaking (wood,) and crafting (Silver, clay, gems, hides, etc.) Other skills that use buyable material are magic (runes,) runecrafting (essence,) and fishing (bait, feathers.) This does not include member skills. The flip side is that the items that are in the greatest demand are the ones that you probably don’t want to sell. Wood is probably the most useless in-demand item. What real benefit is there in firemaking? A fire is a fire, right? When are you in an area with oak or willow yet no reg logs? Wood is also used in the member skill Fletching. I think members will come over to non-member worlds to buy wood cheaper. Hence my runescape career starts out in woodcutting.

     Several early upgrades I bought from the grand exchange already include a steel axe, an adamant axe, and enough iron bars to smith some good armor with the smithing XP I got from the quest. Now with the new axe, I can cut wood even faster.


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