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Tutorial Island ends

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 18, 2008

In Tutorial Island, you can only build your level up to Level 3. Once you reach level three, anything you do does not give you any more experience. Anything you store in the tutorial bank gets erased–I left shrimp and some ore in the bank and when I got to the mainland, they were gone. Anything extra in your backpack gets erased also, I had several shrimps and ores. I was left with one of everything I either had made or had been given. I had eaten the bread on the tutorial island, but I found a loaf of bread in my pack when I reached the mainland. So the only thing transferable from Tutorial Island is the experience up to level three. Once you hit level three, leave. Mining is probably the only thing which is beneficial as well–all the other skills can be practiced as easily on the mainland. Why its easier to get the mining and smithing up to level three is because the mines, furnace, and anvils are all in the same spot and you can go straight from ore to smelting to smithing daggers in one sweep, instead of spending 5 minutes to travel from the mine to the bank, 5 more to get to the bank near the furnace to smelt, and 5 more minutes to get to the bank near the anvil.


One Response to “Tutorial Island ends”

  1. mrdave96 said

    May 19th, 2008: In response to the Tutorial Island post, it is wise to get to level three in every skill, because it is easier to do stuff on the island than on the mainland. If you want to get the fighting levels up easy, though, there are two easy ways to do so. The first is to catch and cook enough shrimp to have enough food to replenish your hitpoints from fighting rats. The other way is to go to Varrock on the mainland and swing at the dummies in the training hall opposite the east bank.

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