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Quest complete–level 29 smithing with minimal effort from 12,500 pts XP.

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 18, 2008

5/18/2008: Using the remaining money from the runes, I purchased a redberry pie from the grand exchange as well as two Iron bars. Speaking to the squire, reldo, the dwarf, all went uneventful. Then I went out and killed some chickens. Using a defensive stab, I got my defense up a couple levels as well as my prayer  burying the bones. I figure every bit helps, right? Then I went to a range and cooked the chicken, burning half. I went to the dwarf and handed him the portrait, then checked everything. Prayer, good. Run, 100%. HP, 100%. Food, in backpack. I climbed down the ladder and was immediately attacked by muggers. I ran past the muggers, pirates, and hobgoblins, stopping in the part of the tunnel between them and the ice warriors, to eat some food and recharge my HP. Then I ran past the ice warriors and reached the blurite. Fortunately, there were no ice warriors right by the blurite. I mined a piece, but checked on items I would keep if I died. I had to unload the rest of my chickens. Items I would keep, two iron bars and one blurite ore. Items I would drop, everything else. (Just a bronze pickaxe) I still had 60% of my run left, but I expected to be killed on the way out. Remember, I’m a level 4 combat. There is no way I should be doing this quest! But I wanted the 12,500 smithing experience real bad. I bolted for the exit, past all those creatures, and made it to the ladder with half of my HP. I guess I got lucky the ice warriors missed me. I then proceeded to have the dwarf make the sword then hand it in to the squire. Quest complete, level 29 smithing, boom! That was easy!


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