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Getting myself started on the mainland

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 18, 2008

May 18th, 2008: After realising that scraping around as a newbie is a lot harder than I thought, I am faced with a choice; focus on getting experience up through repetition or getting experience past the slow levels through quests. So I attempted to do Doric’s quest which gives 1,300 mining experience, which would put me up several levels without the tedious labor. However, Iron ore was not lying on the ground so I tried to buy it from the mining shop with my 15 coins—but it was selling for 94 coins each. So I decided to focus on one trade for a while, get the levels up to where I can make good money, then use the money to buy what I need to advance faster in the game. I will go into woodcutting. It may take a few days, but there is a good demand for willow and at 25-30 coins a log, should finance establishing my character.


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  1. mrdave96 said

    After getting my woodcutting level up to 15, cutting Oak was very tedious with a bronze ax so I took a break to look for dropped iron, with no luck. So I proceeded to the Rune Shop below Falidor and raised about 500gp by selling my runes that I had been given from the tutorial. I then proceeded to the dwarven mines and bought two Iron ores from the ore shop in the mines. Then I returned to Doric the six clay, four copper, and two iron and got my 180 gp and 1,300 mining experience, which jumped me from a level 5 to a level 12 mining. Next quest is the Knight’s sword, for its smithing experience. I may have to develop a few skills first though. When I get the smithing up, I can then proceed to smith an iron ax (level 16 smithing) and cut enough wood to be able to afford a better ax. Unless I wish to get the smithing up to 31 and the mining up to 30 so I can make a steel ax.

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