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Getting paid to smith, can you believe it!

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 29, 2008

5/29/08: At the grand exchange, I did my homework. Iron ore, 94gp. Coal, 186gp. Cost to buy materials for steel bar: 466gp. Resale price of steel bar: 606gp. Profit: 140gp and 17.5 points Smithing XP. Cool, eh? And that money can be used to buy smithing XP.

     I start out by buying the material. Coal costs roughly 2x the price of Iron (if you mine the iron, disregard this equation.) So therefore, 20% (one fifth) of the gp buys Iron and the rest buys Coal. After you have bought the ores, withdraw 10gp and teleport to Lumbridge with the home teleport. Go to the gate and pay the toll to get through to Al Kharad. Head south until you reach the furnace and bank. There, smelt all the ores, craft any silver, and tan all hides. Leather, hard leather, it doesn’t really matter. Hides sell for 110gp, leather 165gp on grand exchange. However, I don’t know how lucrative this trick is. I had to sell the leather at the lowest price to move it. Perhaps others have caught onto this trick. When finished in Al Kharad, skip over the tollgate via the teleport, and proceed to Varrock, gathering any hides or eggs you find or harvest along the way. Then its time to cash in and do it again.

P.S. If you teleport without unloading your pack, head to the third floor of the lumbridge palace and there’s a bank up there.

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Gnome secrets

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 29, 2008

5/28/2008: I located a potato patch in Lumbridge west of the castle, and began to pick and store the potatoes in the Draynor Village bank. After picking a hundred or so, I decided  had enough to fund a basic ore purchase and cut up from the potato patch straight up, hoping to hit Barbarian Village and Varrock. I ran right into the Gnomes. They have a pasture not too many people know about, with not a lot, but some cows. What makes it special is if you exit the pasture upwards through the gnome arch, you can use the deposit boxes there to bank your raw meat and cowhides!! While I was there,  checked out the Gnome store, just for kicks. The Gnomes were selling an unlimited amount of buckets of water for only 9gp each!! What s important about this is I have just found an easy way to procure buckets of water for making soft clay. And the shop s right next to the bank deposit boxes so all I have to do is make sure I withdraw a lot of gp and then buy the buckets of water. No hassles of having to fill them at a fountain and all that. Then when I am at a bank, I withdraw 14 clay and 14 buckets of water and make soft clay. Soft clay sells for 170gp, clay for only 100gp. This trick is not well-known yet, so there’s still good demand for soft clay, as not too many people are cashing in on this as of yet. So I go to the Grand Exchange, buy clay for 100gp each, wet it, and sell the clay for 170gp each. There also turns out to be a big demand for buckets. I can usually sell the empty buckets for 8gp each. So I lose 1 gp per bucket. 69gp profit, out of thin air!

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making some noob money to fund further investments

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 29, 2008

5/27/2008: Cutting wood just wouldn’t cut it anymore. So I guess Clay would have to do. Random gathering of eggs (I pass by them every day on way to grand exchange from lumbridge) and a potato (found on ground) revealed a secret—potatoes were in reasonable demand and fetch between 80-85 gp each, and eggs fetch around 60 gp each. I don’t know if trying to sell a thousand of them at a time may be the best idea, though,  as the demand seems to be a bit limited, but as long as not too many people know about this trick it should be a pretty lucrative way to raise a needed 10K.

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Making money with clay

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 29, 2008

5/25/2008:I decided to log in to Runescape with my main account in order to jettison a lot of extra items I had been holding on to waiting to sell, cause I knew I could get good money from the right player. I estimate I made 150K just selling unwanted stuff. One of the things that made a killing was soft clay, which fetched me 169gp each-I had 70 of them left over from when I was in crafting. So I attempted to buy some clay in order to get its price; 90gp per clay! And all this time I was wasting on wood. So I mined iron to get up to level 21 and bought a mithril pick axe. Apparently, there are a lot of people who mine clay and steel took too long. Then I mined clay to raise another 15K. With the money, I bought soft clay, 28 at a time, to raise my crafting level to 16, where silver can be crafted for 50 points each Holy Symbol. Then I used all my remaining 30K to buy as much silver ore as I could afford. The ore was going for 170gp and the bars were like 150gp but I wanted the ore for the added smithing XP. Then its off to Al Kharad to buy a Holy Symbol mold so I can craft Holy Symbols.

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Life continues for a woodcutter

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 22, 2008

5/22/2008: Due to recent rainy evenings, I have had time to continue developing my skill as a woodcutter.  Using wood and oak to reach level 31, I raised 10K gp, and bought an adamant ax. After cutting willow for a bit, I switched back to Oak after realising that there was little demand for willow but a ton of demand for logs and oak logs. Apparently, people cut and burn logs, then cut and burn oak, then get to willow and either burn it or sell it. It takes roughly 100 logs to reach level 15, then about 300 oak to get to level 30. From there, as a nonmember, to reach level 60 and Yew, you need to cut about 3,800 willow logs.  I think that explains why cheap wood goes for more and sells more. Logs fetch between 22 and 26 GP at the great exchange. With Oak, you can get between 24 and 28GP each. Yet Willow only gets 18-19GP per log. So although Oak only gives 37.5 points of experience compared to Willow’s 67.5 points, there’s way more money in Oak.

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Starting a career–and using the grand exchange

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 20, 2008

May 19th, 2008: When I did the woodcutting, I saved all the logs in my bank account. Today I decided to sell them on the grand exchange. Turns out there’s a strong demand for oak and an even stronger demand for plain wood. I was able to raise 10K in about an hour just from chopping wood. And I also got my level up to 31 in Draynor Village cutting down the oaks near the bank, and depositing the logs. Surprisingly, Oak is going for more than Willow, which is harder to cut than oak. Kinda odd, but I guess I will cut plain wood and oak. Even though the XP will come slower, the cash will come faster. I was surprised that bones were going for 90 gp each; they give only 4 points prayer XP each, so thats 22.5gp per point of XP. However, I need prayer XP so selling bones is dumb. Iron Bars cost 216gp ea, and they give 25 points of XP so that is a little bit under 10GP per point. Runes get 10gp each so if you see them on the ground, there’s a bit of free gp. Unless you need them to build up magic XP.  XP that can be bought includes prayer Bones,) smithing (Ores/bars,) firemaking (wood,) and crafting (Silver, clay, gems, hides, etc.) Other skills that use buyable material are magic (runes,) runecrafting (essence,) and fishing (bait, feathers.) This does not include member skills. The flip side is that the items that are in the greatest demand are the ones that you probably don’t want to sell. Wood is probably the most useless in-demand item. What real benefit is there in firemaking? A fire is a fire, right? When are you in an area with oak or willow yet no reg logs? Wood is also used in the member skill Fletching. I think members will come over to non-member worlds to buy wood cheaper. Hence my runescape career starts out in woodcutting.

     Several early upgrades I bought from the grand exchange already include a steel axe, an adamant axe, and enough iron bars to smith some good armor with the smithing XP I got from the quest. Now with the new axe, I can cut wood even faster.

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Quest complete–level 29 smithing with minimal effort from 12,500 pts XP.

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 18, 2008

5/18/2008: Using the remaining money from the runes, I purchased a redberry pie from the grand exchange as well as two Iron bars. Speaking to the squire, reldo, the dwarf, all went uneventful. Then I went out and killed some chickens. Using a defensive stab, I got my defense up a couple levels as well as my prayer  burying the bones. I figure every bit helps, right? Then I went to a range and cooked the chicken, burning half. I went to the dwarf and handed him the portrait, then checked everything. Prayer, good. Run, 100%. HP, 100%. Food, in backpack. I climbed down the ladder and was immediately attacked by muggers. I ran past the muggers, pirates, and hobgoblins, stopping in the part of the tunnel between them and the ice warriors, to eat some food and recharge my HP. Then I ran past the ice warriors and reached the blurite. Fortunately, there were no ice warriors right by the blurite. I mined a piece, but checked on items I would keep if I died. I had to unload the rest of my chickens. Items I would keep, two iron bars and one blurite ore. Items I would drop, everything else. (Just a bronze pickaxe) I still had 60% of my run left, but I expected to be killed on the way out. Remember, I’m a level 4 combat. There is no way I should be doing this quest! But I wanted the 12,500 smithing experience real bad. I bolted for the exit, past all those creatures, and made it to the ladder with half of my HP. I guess I got lucky the ice warriors missed me. I then proceeded to have the dwarf make the sword then hand it in to the squire. Quest complete, level 29 smithing, boom! That was easy!

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Getting myself started on the mainland

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 18, 2008

May 18th, 2008: After realising that scraping around as a newbie is a lot harder than I thought, I am faced with a choice; focus on getting experience up through repetition or getting experience past the slow levels through quests. So I attempted to do Doric’s quest which gives 1,300 mining experience, which would put me up several levels without the tedious labor. However, Iron ore was not lying on the ground so I tried to buy it from the mining shop with my 15 coins—but it was selling for 94 coins each. So I decided to focus on one trade for a while, get the levels up to where I can make good money, then use the money to buy what I need to advance faster in the game. I will go into woodcutting. It may take a few days, but there is a good demand for willow and at 25-30 coins a log, should finance establishing my character.

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Tutorial Island ends

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 18, 2008

In Tutorial Island, you can only build your level up to Level 3. Once you reach level three, anything you do does not give you any more experience. Anything you store in the tutorial bank gets erased–I left shrimp and some ore in the bank and when I got to the mainland, they were gone. Anything extra in your backpack gets erased also, I had several shrimps and ores. I was left with one of everything I either had made or had been given. I had eaten the bread on the tutorial island, but I found a loaf of bread in my pack when I reached the mainland. So the only thing transferable from Tutorial Island is the experience up to level three. Once you hit level three, leave. Mining is probably the only thing which is beneficial as well–all the other skills can be practiced as easily on the mainland. Why its easier to get the mining and smithing up to level three is because the mines, furnace, and anvils are all in the same spot and you can go straight from ore to smelting to smithing daggers in one sweep, instead of spending 5 minutes to travel from the mine to the bank, 5 more to get to the bank near the furnace to smelt, and 5 more minutes to get to the bank near the anvil.

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Hello world!RuneScape adventure begins!

Posted by Mr Dave AC on May 17, 2008

Today I begin my journey into the world of RuneScape. Stay tuned as I create an account, get through Tutorial Island, and then use my extensive knowledge of the game to maximise my Runescape account.

Tutorial island opens up as you complete each aspect of the tutorial. There is a bank on the island, but no general store. Levels can be gained but I don’t know how many. I tried to smith a bronze mace when I got to level two but ws not allowed to do so. My adventure must pause. Tomorrow I will resume exploring the potentials of Tutorial Island.

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